Yoga with A Beginner’s Mindset

2016/01/02 Yogamonkey Editor

Do not compete with others in the class. Remember what drives you to practice yoga at the very beginning – the goal for relaxing, exercising for better body shape or building up a healthier body and mind? Try your best not to be distracted by others. Nothing is in hurry, what you need is your full concentration on self-progress.

Giving yourself permission to make mistakes. Mistakes do happen a lot for beginners, however, you don’t have to be upset or feel bad about it. You can ask your instructor, or download our App YogaMonkey to figure out the right movement, and practice more until it becomes a natural flow of your body. Also, if you are able to aware of your distraction, or put your hand in the wrong place – congratulations, you’re actually moving a step further, which is not a setback.


Be sure to master the foundational poses before trying those difficult and advanced poses. Practicing yoga actually requires a gradual self-developing process, and the old saying, “Rome was not built in a day” also makes sense here. Try cat, cow, mountain pose, child’s pose etc. at first, and make sure to grasp every detail of these foundational poses – advanced poses such as headstand will not be a problem for you.

The first step is always the hardest, we all understand. But it’s gonna be OK! Now with a beginner’s mindset, I believe you’re able to overcome the negative thoughts for yoga practice。

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