[Abstract] Here to clarify misconceptions about Yoga. In fact, yoga does not merely help to lose weight and assist body shape building, but is also effective on quick relax and backhurt relief. If you try to practice yoga consistently, you will gain the mental benefits as well, such as better sleep and against depression. It is not simply an exercise, but indeed a way of living.


I’m sure you have ever been persuaded to try Yoga for weight loss. I’m sure you were feeling upset when you cannot work out the standard poses. I also understand you find yourself too busy to do the Yoga exercise. Some friend even told you Yoga took amazing effect on digestion.


Well, if what I said above are what you had ever experienced, you should read the following words indeed.


Right, let’s talk about true YOGA.

1. Yoga is the way to build body shape

Although numerous styles and lineages are included in Yoga, the practice as a whole can't easily be defined as fitness category. However, what cannot be ignored is the muscles are stretching while you are trying to work out Yoga poses. Moreover, keeping a gesture for seconds is also the way to burn calories. As many people take Yoga practice to relieve backhurt, the figure can be more elegant. Increased body flexibility is one of the most well-known benefits of Yoga for sure.

2. Yoga is not merely about stretching

Most of people consider the function of Yoga is no more than body stretching. Actually, It can be a muscles strengthener or can act as meditative. You may feel like a dancer, a leaf, an acrobat, rope with a peaceful mind if getting the skill of meditation. In the case we are trying to keep a posture for a few seconds with breath adjusting, Yoga can be considered as a kind of gentle sport. Yoga is the binding of the mind and body. It represents inner peace, and it connects with the environment by means of quieting the fluctuation of the mind, keeping healthy body, and being calm with yourself as well as the world around you.

3. Yoga can be wherever and whenever

Some people are hesitating whether to begin practicing Yoga, because they are worried not having time to take regular Yoga lessons. It seems very hard for one who often takes business trips or suffers overtime working to do Yoga, but that is why we need Yoga as a way of living. To fight depression, detox and for better sleep, Yoga can act as a patient and calming friend. It encourages you with the suggestions each day that lead to balance and liberation. Well, you can use a humanized and tailor-made APP product to keep yourself making improvement continuously. No matter 10 mins or 60 mins, you will get back to your inner heart peace if you indulge yourself in Yoga.

4. Yoga is not the restriction but the motivation for self-growth

As illustrated above, busy, winter blue, feeling ill, even hangover are not the excuse or restriction for exercising Yoga, they should be the motivation instead. Since Yoga is a kind of way to take a quick relax, most of the weak symptoms and pessimistic mood can be apparently alleviated. The encouragement Yoga instructor provides may include communicating truthfully, living simply and keep oneself rationally motivated to help practitioners achieve peace on state of mind. In this sense, your approach to personal relationships, your reactions on losing your job, or the practice of loving yourself are all gifts Yoga gives.

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