[Abstract]Practicing yoga helps body pain via some strengthening poses. Particular postures are effective upon backpain and shoulderpain. However, yoga does not merely about working out poses, it is more about “try your best” and left the standard behind the peaceful mind.


It is highly recommended that beginners starting to do gentle yoga for lower back, and some poses are contributive to lower back pain relief. There is not a strict standard for Corpse Pose that is difficult to work out but indeed it helps body relax. To some extent, the less you worry about the standard pose, the better effect you will get. 


Try to strengthen body to maximum is one dimension of yoga practice, but do not push yourself such hard if you find it can hardly be achieved. The body pain aggravation is not expected. For the pose of Sage Twist is like this, be careful as this position does call for a twisting of the back that can aggravate back pain. Discontinue the use of this pose if you feel discomfort. The intent of this position is a gentle stretch, moving only so far as is comfortable.

For the Fish Pose, the pose does not require a standard angle of tilting the head back and rest the crown of the head on the floor or mat. Therefore, the practice can make it according to individual capability. What really matters the effect is your motivation to try your best and breath from the diaphragm as well as hold the position for a minute if possible. Hence, when you are doing fish pose in the water, the pose varies from how you do on the floor.


Above are the examples that convince you no need to stare at the pose itself. One of the most essential theory in Yoga is not to push yourself and the world around you, just try to make balance between what you desire and what you finally get, learn to accept and never give up trying! To be soft but be strong and flexible.


(pics are from Internet)