How Yoga can help you in daily life?

2015/10/06 Yogamonkey Editor

[Abstract] We all familiar with the physical function of yoga practicing such as detoxing for glowing skin and better digestion, but what yoga can help in daily life is more about mental calming.  You can turn to yoga for stress releasing which can guarantee the better sleep. Moreover, winter blue can also be swept by yoga as it can help against depression. If other effects, welcome you to share!


You might come across plenty of articles discussing on ultimate benefits in transforming body and mind of Yoga practitioners. Many questions may be popped up in your heart, especially to the realists that how long will it take for me to see such a change – months or years to see the improvement on state of mind, skin glowing, better sleep and memory?

To remove skeptical thought, you will be able to feel a touch of its benefits at the very first session and those advantages surely can be applied in everyday of living.

The quick win starts with stress releasing.

No matter where you are, in a studio or on your mat at home, once the session begins, concentration is required. Body and mind immediately collaborate. What Yoga instructor always asks you to do is to concentrate on the breathing in and out, deep inhale and exhale, which is a great formula to against tension inside and create a quick relax. The trick can easily be practiced in daily life when facing stress at school or work. Deep breathing will bring oxygen into blood, clearing the path of your blood vessel and thus clam the clustered nerve down. The more experienced at Yoga practicing, the quicker and the better you will be when dealing with stress.

Top feedback of yoga beginners is that they have found themselves having a better sleep.

After Yoga routines on daytime, many found that they have a restful sleep through a night. A study of researchers at Harvard medical school also indicates that consistent yoga workout helps improving a better sleep among people who have insomnia. A quality sleep means that you will wake up with a fresh mind and ready to rock the day. Imagine if you could feel this every single morning!


In a bit longer than first few sessions, regular yoga routines will make a magic on your metabolism. Yoga movements built more lean muscles; an increase of lean muscles in the body means an increase of metabolism. Once metabolism is boosted up, your body starts to burn more calories, even on idle days. That is the reason why many Yogis mention that practicing yoga can have a further progress to a weight loss.


Improving a better memory is also a gain from doing yoga exercises. In yoga poses, they allow your blood to circulate around the body, including flowing to the brain. As a result, the brain works better. In daily life, you will start to remember basic things faster and more accurately such as where you park, numbers, names and faces recognition. Many studies support that it could help prevent Alzheimer and improve its symptoms.


Yes, yoga offers what it claims and it does not ask for too many months or years to see a small change, we guarantee that. If the article cannot persuade you enough, please give it a try on yoga and prove us wrong. However, we are sure that you will be dwelled on the happiness and benefits you experience from yoga.