3 Key Rules to be a better Yogi

2015/10/06 Yogamonkey Editor

[Abstract] Yes, you found out that yoga exercise can help you from winter blue, help to relieve backhurt & fight depression. Yet you wonder how you can support the practices in order to get most of benefits out of the yoga mat. Here are few insights that might serve you as a guide to become a better yogi.


Challenge yourself but know your limits

A regular yoga practices for a month more or less is a period that your body start to feel more comfortable with downward dog and sun salutation series. Nevertheless, some who have less flexibility may still find that their heels cannot touch the mat properly or their arms collapse when try to change the pose from prank to cobra. This is normal. You need to accept the flexibility your body offers and work from it. Each session, however, try to stretch yourself from comfortable zone bits by bits. Push your heels down to the mat as close as possible when doing down-dog, you will feel sore but it is a message sending to your body what ultimate posture you need it to be. Don’t be afraid to put head down and legs up high under supervised of yoga teacher. You need to try it at one point, so why not? Only remember that yoga is about the progress, not perfection. Perfection comes later.


Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. Make it a routine.

It is undeniable that to achieve in anything, you need to commit to it. Same golden rule applies to yoga. But how can you make a time from busy work? How can you squeeze yoga session to weekends full of to-do lists? Honestly, you can. If you agree with a quote from Albert Einstein ‘It is an insanity to do the same thing and expecting the different results’, therefore, please leave those excuses behind and make it work. Some yogi wakes up earlier than their usual, making a time for quick morning routine. Some pick favorite day of the week, tell colleagues & boss that they will leave office no later than a certain time. Struggling may be found at first attempts, try to make it through. Believe it or not, after few weeks, you will feel an ease to keep the routine going-on. Your surrounding people will respect this new private time and, from my direct experience, they even support and join you! If an environment is not convenient for you, you may fall a bit lazy from time to time by the excuse. Choose an appropriate APP product so that you can tailor-made yoga course for you to practice whenever – wherever, no matter you are in the office to take a quick relax or being in a business trip cannot go to yoga studio, which guarantee a consistent yoga track. It’s also a motivational buzz to keep yourself discipline. Later the benefits of yoga will sustain you to stick to the routine, some case I would call ‘addict’ to the routine.


Kill that old habit.

Old habits die hard indeed. However, it requires you to dump some bad routines in order to go further level in yoga practicing. You needs both body and mind to collaborate and concentrate well during yoga session, especially when to learn more complex posts. More importantly, yoga need your strength. Junk food & all-you-can-eat buffet weaken the body active systems. Less sleep from surfing internet & chats make your body tired and bad for digestion. These are factors sabotaging your physical and mental strength. Eliminating these unhealthy behavior will give back strength you need for practicing yoga. Rewards of quitting old habits will display awesomely through new yoga poses.


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