Most Trendy Workout for Stars

2016/01/04 Yogamonkey Editor

When speaking of ‘Perfect Body’, I’m sure some of you may immediately think of those beautiful and sexy Victoria’s Secret angels. They were never merely runway models – who looks thin and weak even with 6-foot height. These angels have the most flattering bodies to show off the clothes on them to the greatest extent, but how to own a body like this? Except for the intense fitness program before they step on the runway, 2 of the most successful former angels – Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr give us the answer: Yoga.

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Yoga with A Beginner’s Mindset

2016/01/02 Yogamonkey Editor

As a yoga beginner, I’m sure you may have been experiencing some struggling at your class—‘Where should my hand go?’ ‘Why she can do that pose so easily but I cannot?’… These self-doubt thoughts will lead to nerves and stress, which may affect the result of your yoga practice. At this point, all you need is a beginner’s mindset, which applies to all studying process, especially for yoga practice, which requires the harmony of body and soul. It encourages you to be open to challenges, to experiencing something in a different way, and to increasing awareness of what you want to accomplish. Here’re some tips for you to set a beginner’s mind while practicing yoga.

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Don’t push yourself to be strict with poses on yoga

2015/10/06 Yogamonkey Editor

Practicing yoga helps body pain via some strengthening poses. Particular postures are effective upon backpain and shoulderpain. However, yoga does not merely about working out poses, it is more about “try your best” and left the standard behind the peaceful mind.

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